Perth and Dunkeld Railway


This line is open. Built as a local line serving Dunkeld from the south it later became part of the main line between Perth and Inverness via Forres, the Inverness and Perth Junction Railway later one of the main constituents of the Highland Railway.

Today it is part of the main line between Perth and Inverness via Carrbridge carrying local and long distance trains as well as a sleeper service.


Passenger services are provided by ScotRail from Dunkeld to Inverness, Perth, Glasgow and Edinburgh.


10/07/1854Perth and Dunkeld Railway
Act receives Royal assent for a railway from Stanley (on the Scottish Midland Junction Railway) to Dunkeld.
07/04/1856Perth and Dunkeld Railway
Perth and Dunkeld Railway opened. Operated by the Scottish Midland Junction Railway. Stations opened at Murthly (possibly, may be late 1856) and Birnam and Dunkeld.
  /  /1859Perth and Dunkeld Railway
Rohallion halt opened.
  /02/1860Perth and Dunkeld Railway
Rohallion first advertised.
  /  /1861Inverness and Perth Junction Railway
Agreement for access to Perth General. (Reaffirming and adjustment of the Perth and Dunkeld Railway agreement.)
  /  /1863Perth and Dunkeld RailwayInverness and Perth Junction Railway
Perth and Dunkeld Railway absorbed by Inverness and Perth Junction Railway (Also given as 1864, 28 February).
01/06/1863Perth and Dunkeld Railway
Dunkeld station becomes a through station on the opening of the Inverness and Perth Junction Railway which extends the line north.
28/02/1864Perth and Dunkeld RailwayInverness and Perth Junction Railway
Perth and Dunkeld Railway absorbed by Inverness and Perth Junction Railway (Also given as 1863).
  /10/1864Perth and Dunkeld Railway
Rohallion closed.
03/05/1965Perth and Dunkeld Railway
Murthly closed.
  /  /1984Perth and Dunkeld Railway
Murthly loop closed.

Route described

It is a single track line with a passing loop at Dunkeld which is the only remaining open station.

The line largely runs north west distantly following the route of the River Tay from Stanley Junction where it began from the Scottish Midland Junction, part of the main line to Aberdeen via Forfar [2nd] later owned by the Caledonian Railway. At Dunkeld the line is on the south bank of the Tay, on the opposite bank to Dunkeld itself.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This was a three platform station and junction. It was not convenient for the village of Stanley, being on its northern edge. It was the junction between main lines to Aberdeen and Inverness.

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The Inverness - Oxenholme leg of the Great Britain IX railtour, hauled by 44871 with 47760 on the rear enters the double track at Stanley running ...
Bill Roberton 03/05/2016
Colas 60087 enters the double track at Stanley with the 6Z31 Inverness - Oxwellmains empty cement on 30 March. ...
Bill Roberton 30/03/2016
Jubilee 4-6-0 no 45728 ^Defiance^ runs south through Stanley Junction on 6 April 1953 at the head of the up ^Bon Accord^.
G H Robin collection by courtesy of the Mitchell Library, Glasgow 06/04/1953
47562 passes Stanley Junction box with a southbound train in 1990. ...
Ewan Crawford //1990
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This was a two platform station with a passing loop. It was the first station north of Stanley Junction on the former Inverness and Perth Junction Railway, later the Highland Railway.

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Class B1 4-6-0 No.1264 in LNER lined black and Jubilee Class 4-6-0
John Gray 21/04/2018
Murthly signalbox now without steps and boarded up. Looking to Dunkeld. ...
Ewan Crawford //2003
47708 takes a northbound train over the level crossing and through the site of Murthly station in 1990. ...
Ewan Crawford //1990
HR103 standing in the rain at Murthly on 21 August 1965. The locomotive and preserved Caledonian coaches were heading north to Inverness to ...
John Robin 21/08/1965
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This crossing was between Dunkeld (to the west) and Murthly. It was just east of Kingswood Tunnel.

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B1 1264 and 45699 Galatea with The Great Britain XI approaching the former Kingswood Crossing north of Murthly. ...
Bill Roberton 21/04/2018
45407 pilots 60009 at the head of The North Briton passing Kingswood, on Day 2 of a five day tour of Scotland. ...
Brian Forbes 13/04/2008
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This was a short lived private station open in the 1860s. It was located between Kingswood Crossing and Kingswood Tunnel at the west end of the loop.

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This is a single bore tunnel 330 yds long to the south east of Dunkeld station.

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Black Five 45212 and K1 62005 lead the Inverness - Glasgow Central leg of the Great Britain X exiting Kingswood Tunnel, south of Dunkeld and Birnam. ...
Bill Roberton 02/05/2017
46115 brings the southbound ^Great Britain V^ out of Kingswood Tunnel on 24 April 2012 on its way to Perth. ...
John Robin 24/04/2012
68005 ^Defiant^ climbs towards Kingswood tunnel with Inverness - Mossend empty containers on 29th July 2014.  Earlier on the same date this loco had ...
Graeme Blair 29/07/2014
47826 leads the Royal Scotsman south out of Kingswood Tunnel heading for Murthly and Perth. ...
Brian Forbes 04/10/2007
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This temporary signal box was located between Dunkeld and Kingswood Crossing (west of Murthly).

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Near the site of Dunkeld Road Bridge Temporary Signal Box viewed from the south. ...
Ewan Crawford //
Southbound train near the site of Dunkeld Road Bridge Temporary Signal Box, south of Dunkeld. ...
Brian Forbes 11/02/2003
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This is a two platform station which for originally the terminus of the line from Stanley Junction before the Inverness and Perth Junction Railway extended the line north to Inverness via Forres.

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An Edinburgh service pulls into Dunkeld on 29 September 2020 with the rocks above the King^s Pass in the background. The steps needed because of the ...
David Panton 29/09/2020
A step up for Dunkeld. ...
John Yellowlees 30/05/2019
Passing trains at Dunkeld on 29 September 2020. Platform 2 (left) is only used when passing, possibly because it is accessible only by that footbridge ...
David Panton 29/09/2020
Continental height platforms are fine for the continent, but our trains are high entry by comparison. Dunkeld is one of the few stations where you get ...
David Panton 29/09/2020
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