8 Images released on Monday 17/06/2024

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Blackpool North [Tram]: Although it is now fully open for public trams, Blackpool North still had something of an unfinished air about it on the second day of operations, 17th June 2024. This was the view from the entrance to the subway to the railway station. Having changed from a plain line between Starr Gate and Fleetwood, route numbers have been introduced. T3 is Blackpool North to Fleetwood Ferry (Tram 008 on the right) T2 Blackpool North to Starr Gate (018 on the left). T1 is the original route, bypassing the new branch.

Blackpool Tramroad and Blackpool and Fleetwood Tramroad
Mark Bartlett [17/06/2024]

Blackpool North [Tram]: The new Blackpool North tram line opened to public services on Sunday 16th June 2024. One day later, Flexity 008 is seen in the new terminus waiting to depart for Fleetwood.

Blackpool Tramroad and Blackpool and Fleetwood Tramroad
Mark Bartlett [17/06/2024]

Westenhanger: From the picnic area of the Stop 24 Motorway Services near Folkestone, through the lineside fencing, is this view of the HS1 lines in the foreground with the Network Rail Ashford to Folkestone tracks beyond. The fence of Westenhanger station platform can be seen on the right. Although Eurostar services were operating normally on 8th April 2024, it was an ASLEF national strike day and there were no local passenger trains so I was fortunate to see this train of new Toyota vehicles from Toton, heading to nearby Dollands Moor Yard, behind 66006.

South Eastern Railway
Mark Bartlett [08/04/2024]

Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 156425, shuttling between Preston and Blackpool South, has just left the Pleasure Beach station and is nearing the terminus on 1st May 2024. The Grand National and Big One roller coasters form the back drop.

Blackpool and Lytham Railway
Mark Bartlett [01/05/2024]

Tower Hill [LSWR]: Tower Hill station site in 2012, but would you know it? On the old North Cornwall Railway between Launceston and Halwill Junction, a very rural area, the line closed in October 1966.

North Cornwall Railway
Roger Geach [01/05/2012]

Polmont Junction: A dull April day in 2006 at Polmont Junction with the telephoto lens highlighting the variances in gradients at this location. 66175 heads 7G17, the 11.25 Hunterston HL - Longannet PS.

Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway
John Clark [13/04/2006]

Oxford: 15th May 2024 was a fine day, so off to Oxford I went. It was very busy and thankfully a fair amount of freight traffic. For a change, quite a lot of Class 70s were in service including Freightliner 70011 and 70005 northbound, double heading the Southampton Docks to Lawley Street, Birmingham. Rep. No 4M55.

Birmingham and Oxford Railway
Peter Todd [15/05/2024]

Foot of the Walk [Tram]: Edinburgh Trams no. 270 to Airport arriving at Foot of the Walk, at 15.50 on Tuesday, 4th June 2024.

Edinburgh Trams
David Bosher [04/06/2024]