3 Images released on Tuesday 16/07/2024

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West Kensington: Zoom lens view from North End Road bridge at West Kensington, looking west at 15.15 on Saturday, 6th July 2024. The District Line tracks were opened in 1874 and the Piccadilly Line tracks, here coming to the surface in the centre, in 1906.

Hammersmith Extension (Metropolitan District Railway)
David Bosher [07/07/2024]

Sowerby Bridge: This bridge carries the railway over Holmes Road in Sowerby Bridge. It actually appears to be two, joined together when tracks were multiplied, as part way through the narrow passage the road turns. Thankfully the road does not seem too heavily used and the vehicles and pedestrians muddle through. On the far side is the entrance to the station approach

Manchester and Leeds Railway
Mark Bartlett [29/06/2024]

Killin Junction: Killin Junction showing the island platform from above with dirt roads showing the course of the lifted tracks. The curve of the C&O's eastbound platform face can be clearly seen, the Killin branch platform was above (in the photograph) and the westbound C&O platform below. Killin Junction, the junction rather than station, was off to the right. A railway cottage, rebuilt in recent years, is off the top of the photograph.

Callander and Oban Railway
Ewan Crawford [07/11/2023]