Arbroath Shed

Location type

Loco shed

Name and dates

Arbroath Shed (1897-1959)

Opened on the Arbroath and Forfar Railway.


This was a three road shed built to the north of Arbroath station on the line to Forfar. It was similar to Forfar Shed [2nd] in appearance (which still stands) but with three lines.

This was a joint Caledonian Railway and North British Railway shed. The easternmost shed road was dedicated to the Caledonian.

The shed replaced several older sheds. This included a more cramped site a little to the south, on the east side of the line, Arbroath Shed [1st], and a shed at the station.

The new shed was on the west side of the line and its sidings made a trailing connection with the northbound line, ie it was approached from the north by reversal. To the north of the shed were the water tank and the turntable siding, approached by reversal from the shed.

The shed was immediately south of St Vigeans Junction, the junction for the North British Railway line to Montrose.

To the south of the shed a footbridge crosses the main line.

After the 1948 nationalisation the shed was a sub-shed of Dundee Tay Bridge Shed.

The shed closed in 1959.

After the shed's closure a single siding served the site.

The site of the shed is now rough ground by the railway, much overgrown.


Shed locomotive shed