Bonnybridge Canal Goods

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Bonnybridge [CR] (1886-1930)
Bonnybridge Canal Goods (1930-1964)

Opened on the Bonnybridge Canal Branch (Caledonian Railway).

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This was the terminus of a short branch from Bonnybridge Junction. The line was double track. The terminus had a single platform on the west side of the line with a loop. There was a small station building.

The goods yard was on the east side. This had a double faced loading bank and large goods shed. Alongside to the east was the 1870 Columbian Foundry.

To the south was the signal box, on the west side of the line. It opened with the line.

Additional sidings opened on the west side to serve the Caledonian Stove And Iron Works.

The branch was singled in 1929, the southbound line lifted and signal box closed. It closed to passengers in 1930. It was known as Bonnybridge Canal afterwards.

The branch remained open until 1964 for goods. One of the last uses was as a car distribution depot.



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