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Caldercruix (1862-1956)
Caldercruix (2011-)

Station code: CAC National Rail ScotRail
Where: North Lanarkshire, Scotland
Opened on the New Monkland Line (Monkland Railways).
Open on the Edinburgh to Glasgow via Bathgate and Airdrie.


This is a two platform station.

The station was re-opened on the same site as the original station, closed in 1956. The platforms survived the closure and the period from 1981 to 2010 during which the line was closed. In the intervening years houses had been built to the south side which were compulsory purchased and demolished to provide a carpark site. The new platforms are on the site of the originals.

The original station had a goods yard on the south side, west end of the station, served from the west.

To the west was a short branch serving Caldercruix Mill, on the south side of the line, and to the east a substantial branch ran north to the Longriggend area.

Caldercruix East signal box was at the east end of the station, on the south side of the line. It was a tall box able to see over the road bridge to its immediate east. This controlled access to the branch. The box opened in 1904. The line east was initially single track, doubling around 1904, to Forrestfield which was a passing loop.

The next station west was Plains, and to the east Forrestfield. Today the next station west is Drumgelloch, and to the east Blackridge.

The station closed in 1956, signal box closed in 1967 and line closed in 1982. It re-opened in 2011.



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11/08/1862New Monkland Line (Monkland Railways) Torbanehill and Bathgate Branch (Monkland Railways)
Opened to passenger trains. Stations at Airdrie South, Clarkston [NBR], Caldercruix, Forrestfield and Westcraigs on the new line. New station further east on the Torbanehill line at Armadale.
12/12/2010New Monkland Line (Monkland Railways) Boghead to Cowdenhead Branch (Monkland Railways) Torbanehill and Bathgate Branch (Monkland Railways)
Opened between Airdrie and Bathgate. Stations at Drumgelloch, Caldercruix (delayed opening until 13 February), Blackridge, Armadale.
13/02/2011New Monkland Line (Monkland Railways)
Caldercruix station opened.


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