Clydebank Junction

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Clydebank Junction (1897-1959)

Opened on the Glasgow, Yoker and Clydebank Railway.

Opened on the Clydebank to Dalmuir (North British Railway).


This junction was east of Clydebank East, the terminus of the Glasgow, Yoker and Clydebank Railway. This line was extended west to Dalmuir in 1897 leaving the terminus on a short branch. Both lines were double track. The newer line remains open while the original terminus is closed. The newer line gently curved away to the north of the terminal lines, the kink can still be discerned today.

The signal box was in the 'V' of the junction. The terminus lines were to the south and new line to the north. The box opened with the extension and closed in 1959 along with Clydebank East.

To the east of the junction a single track line curved down to the River Clyde to serve a shipbuilding yard at East Barns of Clyde (later the site of Rothesday Dock).

Also known as Clydebank East Junction.