Cot Castle Goods

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Cot Castle Goods (1864-1961)

Opened on the Lesmahagow Railway.
Opened on the Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway).


This goods station was the terminus of a branch from Stonehouse Junction. It was to the east of the ruins of Cot Castle [Castle]. The station was simple, terminating in a pair of long sidings (probably a loop), with a short siding on the south side by the access road.

After 1905 the Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway) opened. A second line was laid north of the existing track between Stonehouse [Lanarkshire] and Cot Castle. The passenger station was enlarged, becoming no longer a passenger terminus but a through station on two routes - one to Strathaven Central and the other to Coalburn via Lesmahagow [2nd].

The railway running out from the station to Cot Castle was really two parallel single track lines, one to the goods yard and the other to Strathaven.

A planned double track curve for trains from the Strathaven Central direction to Lesmahagow [2nd] was largely built, but not completed. OS maps show one of the two lines, the eastbound, being connected to the Cots Castle line, the other not connected. Neither is connected to anything at the east end. The curve was lifted. Surprisingly ballast survived here until the 2000s.

The line from Stonehouse [Lanarkshire] to Cots Castle was later singled, the southern of the two lines (the original) being lifted. Cot Castle siding was still served, presumably from a ground frame at Cot Castle itself. The sidings were lifted around 1961.

The site of the depot is cleared and has been a caravan park.


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Cotcastle Goods

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NLS Collection OS map of 1892-1914
NLS Collection OS map of 1944-67


30/07/1861Lesmahagow Railway
Branch line authorised from Stonehouse Junction [Lanarkshire] to Cot Castle Goods (Stonehouse [Lanarkshire]).
01/09/1864Lesmahagow Railway
Canderside Exchange Sidings to Cot Castle Goods opened to minerals.
01/09/1864Lesmahagow Railway
Stonehouse branch extended from Canderside Exchange Sidings through Stonehouse to Cot Castle Goods.
  /  /1896Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway)
Construction of line from Cot Castle Goods (Lesmahagow Railway) to Strathaven Central (Hamilton and Strathaven Railway) begins.
01/07/1905Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway)
Merryton Junction, (Lesmahagow Railway) to Larkhall Central and Stonehouse [Lanarkshire] (Lesmahagow Railway) opened. Stonehouse [Lanarkshire] (Lesmahagow Railway) to Blackwood Junction (Lesmahagow Railway) opened. Blackwood Junction (Lesmahagow Railway) to Alton Heights (Lesmahagow Railway) opened. Cot Castle Goods (Lesmahagow Railway) to Strathaven Central opened. Stations opened at Larkhall Central, Blackwood [2nd], Lesmahagow [2nd]. Stonehouse [Lanarkshire] rebuilt.