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Strathaven Central (1904-1965)

Opened on the Darvel and Strathaven Railway.
Opened on the Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway).


This was a fine station. It was an island platform station. The station was to the south of Strathaven. The ticket and parcels office was on Station Road. It was similar to that at Larkhall Central and the remaining building at Hamilton Central. The station was below street level in a shallow cutting. Two bridges from the building crossed the eastbound line to reach the platform - one the passenger entrance and one the parcel and luggage lift. The signal box was centrally placed on the platform and below the passenger entrance footbridge. The station building was to the west, a long typical late Caledonian Railway style with canopies.

Double track started from the east end of the station and ran round either side of the platform out to the west where the goods yard, on the north side, could be reached via a reversing spur.

To the east was the junction between the line north to High Blantyre and Hamilton and the line east to Stonehouse [Lanarkshire]. Both lines were single track and crossed the Powmillon Burn by separate viaducts.

The station replaced Strathaven [Flemington] on extension to meet the new line coming west from Stonehouse [Lanarkshire] and on to Darvel in the west.

The line to Darvel,on which passenger services had ceased in 1939, closed in 1951. The remainder as far as Ryeland had remained open to freight, although largely used for wagon storage. Around this time the station loop was cut back a little at its west end.

The Hamilton route closed to High Blantyre (excluded) in 1953.

The signal box closed in 1963. The line closed as far as Stonehouse [Lanarkshire] (excluded) in 1965.

After final closure the buildings were demolished and the site used for a council rubbish depot. The site is presently vacant (2018) and the platform is still present, in poor condition. The viaducts were demolished on closure. The goods shed survived until recent years.


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NLS Collection OS map of 1892-1914
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  /  /1896Strathaven and Darvel Railway Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway) Mid Lanark, Spireslack and Muirkirk Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Lines authorised for the Caledonian Railway; Darvel to Strathaven Central, Spireslack Colliery No 1 Pit to Muirkirk (Auldhouseburn Junction), Stonehouse [Lanarkshire] and Stonehouse [Lanarkshire] to Lesmahagow [2nd] and Alton Heights Junction. The Glasgow and South Western Railway is granted running powers over these lines in exchange for the Caledonian Railway having running powers from Darvel to Troon and Kilmarnock to Ayr.
  /  /1896Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway)
Construction of line from Cot Castle Goods (Lesmahagow Railway) to Strathaven Central (Hamilton and Strathaven Railway) begins.
  /  /1896Hamilton and Strathaven Railway Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway)
Whiteshawgate Junction to Strathaven Central construction begins.
01/10/1904Hamilton and Strathaven Railway
Strathaven [Flemington] closed on 30/09 (becomes Flemington goods station) on opening of extension from Whiteshawgate Junction to Strathaven Central. Stations opened at Strathaven North and Strathaven Central on 01/10.
01/05/1905Strathaven and Darvel Railway
Darvel to Strathaven Central opened (joint operation of the Glasgow and South Western Railway and Caledonian Railway). Opened to passengers. Drumclog, Loudonhill and Ryeland opened.
01/07/1905Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway)
Merryton Junction, (Lesmahagow Railway) to Larkhall Central and Stonehouse [Lanarkshire] (Lesmahagow Railway) opened. Stonehouse [Lanarkshire] (Lesmahagow Railway) to Blackwood Junction (Lesmahagow Railway) opened. Blackwood Junction (Lesmahagow Railway) to Alton Heights (Lesmahagow Railway) opened. Cot Castle Goods (Lesmahagow Railway) to Strathaven Central opened. Stations opened at Larkhall Central, Blackwood [2nd], Lesmahagow [2nd]. Stonehouse [Lanarkshire] rebuilt.
11/09/1939Darvel and Strathaven Railway
Darvel (excluded) to Strathaven Central (excluded) closed to all traffic
01/10/1945Hamilton and Strathaven Railway
Strathaven Central to Hamilton West (Strathaven Junction) closed to passengers
21/09/1953Hamilton and Strathaven Railway
Strathaven Central to High Blantyre closed to freight.
07/12/1964Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway)
Strathaven Central to Stonehouse [Lanarkshire] (excluded) closed to freight.
04/10/1965Lesmahagow Railway Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway)
Strathaven Central to Stonehouse [Lanarkshire] closed to passengers.
14/11/2015Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway)
Strathaven Central^s goods shed burns to the ground.