Whiteshawgate Junction

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Whiteshawgate Junction (1904-1953)

Opened on the Hamilton and Strathaven Railway.
Opened on the Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway).


This junction was north of Strathaven. It was formed between the 1863 Hamilton and Strathaven Railway and the 1904 Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway), a set of lines and connection made to link together the Caledonian Railway^s lines in the area. Part of this was an extension west from Stonehouse [Lanarkshire] to Darvel. The line from Whiteshawgate would connect to this Stonehouse-Strathaven-Darvel line.

The junction was some way north (roughly 3/4 of a mile) of the existing Strathaven [Flemington] terminus which now became a goods yard. A single track line ran east down the side of this line via a new Strathaven North station to cross two large viaducts, Strathaven Viaduct [North] and Strathaven Viaduct [West to reach Strathaven Central where a junction was made with the Stonehouse [Lanarkshire] line at the east end of its island platform.

In addition to the two viaducts the engineering was considerable, from Whiteshawgate to south of Strathaven North was entirely in cutting.

At the junction two loops were installed on the west side of the line with the approach to the former station being from the western of the two loops. A roadway was diverted to the south to pass under the line, which crossed by a bridge capable of carrying around four tracks. A signal box opened on the east side of the line, north of this bridge.

The signal box closed in 1944 when a ground frame was installed. The railway closed altogether in 1953.

The bridge has been removed but its former size can still be seen as the abutments still stand.



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  /  /1896Hamilton and Strathaven Railway Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway)
Whiteshawgate Junction to Strathaven Central construction begins.
01/10/1904Hamilton and Strathaven Railway
Strathaven [Flemington] closed on 30/09 (becomes Flemington goods station) on opening of extension from Whiteshawgate Junction to Strathaven Central. Stations opened at Strathaven North and Strathaven Central on 01/10.