Crew Junction

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Crew Junction (1864-1965)

Opened on the Granton Branch (Caledonian Railway).
Opened on the Leith North Branch (Caledonian Railway).


This junction was between the goods only 1861 Granton Branch (Caledonian Railway) and the 1864 Leith North Branch (Caledonian Railway). The junction gave access to the Granton and Leith routes from the south. Both railways were double track.

A signal box opened here in 1879 with the Leith route opened to passengers (Leith North Passenger Branch (Caledonian Railway)). The signal box was on the east side of the junction.

To the north the dividing routes crossed over Ferry Road on twin double track bridges.

There was a yard here. Loops ran down either side of the line south to Crew South Junction where the loops ended. On the west side were several dead end sidings with a headshunt at the north end, at Crew Junction. On the east side were further head end sidings, approached from the south (this is the older site). The yard had a turntable located on the east side between the junction and east side sidings.

The Granton route closed in 1965 and the box closed. The Leith route was singled in 1965 and a temporary box operated until 1966.

A new bridge over Ferry Road, with the abutments, was installed in 1966. A strange decision. Closure was in 1967.

The line's trackbed is now a footpath. The 1966 bridge still stood and was used for several years for the path. This was replaced with yet another bridge, a footbridge.


Junction footpath


07/08/1862Leith North Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Crew Junction (Granton Branch (Caledonian Railway)) to Leith North Goods and the Leith Western Docks authorised. Agreement with Leith Dock Commissioners. Includes Pilton Junction Branch (Pilton Junction West to Pilton Junction East).
01/08/1879Leith North Passenger Branch (Caledonian Railway) Leith North Branch (Caledonian Railway) Granton Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Passenger service starts, a new passenger portion opens from Newhaven Junction to Leith North on the south side of the existing goods lines. Granton Junction to Crew Junction to Newhaven Junction opened to passengers. Stations opened at Craigleith and Murrayfield on the Granton branch, Granton Road on the Leith North branch, Newhaven and Leith North on the new line.
02/08/1965Granton Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Crew Junction (excluded) to Pilton West Junction (for the Granton Gasworks) (excluded) closed.
04/09/1967Granton Branch (Caledonian Railway) Leith North Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Granton Junction (excluded) to Coltbridge Junction to Crew Junction to Newhaven Junction (excluded) closed.