Dundee Central Junction

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Dundee Central Junction (1878-)

Station code: DCJ National Rail
Opened on the Tay Bridge and Associated Lines (North British Railway).


This junction is west of Dundee station. It is a four way junction leading to Perth and Edinburgh Waverley (by the Tay Bridge) to the west and sidings and Dundee station to the east.

The junction was formed in 1878 with the opening of the Tay Bridge and Associated Lines (North British Railway). This was also a four way junction. The original junction is not in the same location as the current junction. Due to considerable alterations the original junction was within what is now a supermarket car park to the south.

To the north of the junction was the Dundee and Perth Railway approach to Dundee West. This had opened in 1847 along what was then the shoreline. The land to the south upon which the North British Railway approach and station were built was reclaimed.

To the west of Dundee Cental Junction the line turned south to cross the Tay Bridge [1st] to reach Wormit and Leuchars. A connecting line ran west from Dundee Central Junction a short distance to meet the Dundee and Perth Railway at Buckingham Junction (opened with the connection).

To the east the line ran to Tay Bridge [Station] and Tay Bridge Goods to its south.

In addition to these there were further connections. To the north was Dundee Tay Bridge Shed and, to its east, a small mineral depot. To the south was access to the much larger Tay Bridge Minerals.

The box was on the south side of the junction and north side of some of the mineral lines.

The junction was remodelled several times. The box here opened with the lines in 1878. It was replaced in 1893. It closed in 1985 when Dundee Signalling Centre took over. This was part of a larger remodelling and rationalisation where the lines from the [Perth]] and Tay Bridge approach were straightened on their approach to Dundee station, Dundee West having closed in 1965.

Seabraes Footbridge now crosses the line at the junction.




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