Faslane Junction Yard

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Faslane Junction Yard (1940-1980)

Opened on the Military Port Number 1 Railway.


This Second World War period marshalling yard was on the Faslane branch just before it joined the West Highland Railway at Faslane Junction. It allowed trains to be joined together to run over the single track section to Craigendoran Junction (with only a passing place at Helensburgh Upper). There were further associated yards at Craigendoran West Yard, Craigendoran East Yard and Ardmore Yard.

Construction of the level ground for the yard required the tipping of a huge amount of material on the hillside.

To the side of the sidings, at either end, were the yard^s offices and other buildings.

From the yard to Faslane port the line was double track, but steeply graded. The line was operated and signalled in continental fashion to allow practice for driving trains on the continent.

The yard survived the war and was used by trains involved in shipbreaking activity at Faslane. It dropped to four tracks having been considerably larger. The branch was reduced to a single track.

It fell out of use and was disconnected from the main lane around 1980, surviving much overgrown while a while afterwards.

The large flat area and former offices remain, partly overgrown.



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