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Cathcart Road (1885-1886)
Gushetfaulds (1886-1907)

Opened on the Glasgow Central Station (Caledonian Railway).


This station was to the west of Cathcart Road on the Gordon Street Lines approach to Glasgow Central from Central Station Junction. It was originally named Cathcart Road.

It was a two platform station on a very cramped site bordered by the Polloc and Govan Railway to the immediate south and Gushetfaulds Carriage Sheds and Sidings to the immediate north.

The station was renamed to Gushetfaulds in 1886 when the Cathcart District Railway opened.

When the Gordon Street Lines were quadrupled the station was closed and not replaced, perhaps due to the proximity of Eglinton Street not far to the north west.

The site of the station is still a railway but nothing can be seen of the station.