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Guthrie Gate (1838-1967)

Opened on the Arbroath and Forfar Railway.


This is a small attractive railway bridge, a single arch over a private driveway, in use from 1838. It is west of the former Guthrie station and south of Guthrie Castle. The line crossed over the main entry to the castle. The bridge is listed ^B^. The bridge is castellated with small octagonal towers and the emblem of the Guthrie family on a tablet. A lodge was also built. (A similar example survives at Castle Grant Platform).

The bridge was built in this style as the local landowner, John Guthrie, 17th of Guthrie, whose drive this crossed, was opposed to the building of the railway through his land.

After considerable discussion and agreement was reached in 1837. Building of the bridge was paid for by Guthrie and the railway contibuted £1,400 to its cost.

The railway ran along the southern boundary of the castle policies necessitating the bridge for the western drive. Guthrie had wished the railway to be on the south side of the A932, then to pass under his land in a tunnel, but these options were rejected on practical grounds.

Initially this bridge carried the Arbroath and Forfar Railway. It was later to carry the double track mainline to Aberdeen until closure of the Strathmore Main Line in 1967.


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