Lugton Junction

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Lugton Junction (1873-2009)

Opened on the Glasgow and Kilmarnock Joint Railway.


This junction was directly south west of Lugton station. It was formed between the Glasgow - Barrhead - Kilmarnock line and the branch to Beith Town. The junction was taken out before 2009 when the 'Dynamic Loop' was opened from Lugton through Dunlop and Stewarton to its south end at Lochridge Junction.

The junction opened in 1873 between two lines of the Glasgow and Kilmarnock Joint Railway: the main line from Glasgow to Kilmarnock (opened here in 1871 and completed in 1873) and its branch to Beith Town of 1873.

Both lines were double track. There was a turntable located on the branch a short distance from the junction. The signal box, opened 1876, was in the 'V' of the junction. (Lugton station also had its own box, also opened in 1876, at the east end of the Glasgow bound platform). The box was replaced in 1907.

The box was replaced again in 1929 with the present box opened. This box absorbed both Lugton Junction and Lugton L and A Junction (which had opened in 1903 absorbing the station box). It was opened at the east end of Lugton station and on the north side of the line, half way between the two junctions.

The box is of a design found at several locations, such as Blackford, Dunragit, Longforgan, an LMS Type 12.

The junction was reduced to a single lead junction.

The Beith Town branch closed to passengers in 1962 and Lugton closed in 1966. The branch remained open south to RNAD Giffen.

It is now long out of use, falling out of regular use around 1994/95. It was last used about 2000 for a train evacuation practice.


Junction LMS Type 12


20/09/1903Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway
Lugton East Junction to Lugton Junction opened. This was an interchange spur but also allowed trains to run from Glasgow to Kilmarnock as far as Lugton on an Caledonian Railway only owned route.
14/12/1964Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway
Lugton Junction (on the Glasgow and Kilmarnock Joint Railway) to Uplawmoor [1st] closed to all traffic (Lugton was used to round Uplawmoor trains).