Motherwell MPD

Location type

Loco shed

Names and dates

Motherwell Shed (1866-1967)
Motherwell MPD (1967-2007)
Motherwell MPD (2013-)

Opened on the Motherwell Deviation Line (Caledonian Railway).


This is a double ended shed with ten roads located to the west of the Motherwell Deviation Line and just north of Lesmahagow Junction. Approach is from the north and south.

British Railways assigned the code 66B to the shed and sub shed Morningside Shed.

After 1967 the shed became a diesel depot.

Closure came after a fire in 2007. It was reopened by Direct Rail Services around 2013.


Shed 04/08/2019


17/11/1858Motherwell Deviation (Caledonian Railway)
The Caledonian Railway buys land in Motherwell for a new shed (Motherwell Shed) to augment its locomotive sheds at South Side and Gartsherrie [CR] which were suffering from high light engine mileages. The Parkneuk Iron Works and Motherwell Iron and Steel Works were by the shed.