Lesmahagow Junction

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Lesmahagow Junction (1856-)

Opened on the Clydesdale Junction Railway.
Opened on the Motherwell Deviation Line (Caledonian Railway).
Opened on the Coalburn Branch (Caledonian Railway).


This is a junction just north of Motherwell station.

Lines run north west to Glasgow Central, north to Coatbridge Central, south east to Carlisle and south to Hamilton Central.

The Clydesdale Junction Railway was built in 1849 through what later became Motherwell station (1885).

The junction is named for the destination of the Coalburn Branch (Caledonian Railway) of 1856 which was built by the Lesmahagow Guarantee Company, an arm's length company of the Caledonian Railway.

The Motherwell Deviation (Caledonian Railway) of 1857 was laid in to the north allowing trains from Coatbridge Central to approach the junction and take the Coalburn route. Motherwell Shed was to open on this line. Motherwell station was opened to the south of this junction replacing Motherwell [1st].

There was a signal box opened in 1868. This was replaced several times. A pre 1913 version was on the east side of the junction and its larger 1913 replacement was also to the east. There were signal bridges over the main running lines. The Motherwell Bridge works were directly over the tracks from the box, but accessed from Logan's Road to the north.

The box, which briefly took over Hamilton Road Signal Box in 1972 was itself closed in 1972, replaced by the Motherwell Signalling Centre.

Today the former line to Coalburn is cut back to Ross Junction where it was met by the line extended from Hamilton West to form the Hamilton Circle. Motherwell station remains open.

A footbridge crosses the junction at the extreme north end of Motherwell station.




  /  /1854Coalburn Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Bankend Branch, Lesmahagow Junction to Bankend, authorised.
  /  /1854Motherwell Deviation Line (Caledonian Railway)
Line authorised. The Motherwell Deviation would improve connections at Lesmahagow Junction and bypass and replace the Jerviston Viaduct.
01/12/1856Coalburn Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Lesmahagow Junction to Coalburn opened to minerals.
08/10/1857Motherwell Deviation Line (Caledonian Railway)
Line opened from Jerviston Junction (Wishaw and Coltness Railway) to Lesmahagow Junction (Clydesdale Junction Railway). The line allowed Motherwell [1st] station to be moved further west to Motherwell atLesmahagow Junction. Motherwell [1st] remained standing and Motherwell was opened in the V of the junction at Lesmahagow Junction. A large viaduct was required, Braidhurst Viaduct.
01/04/1868Coalburn Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Ferniegair to Motherwell, Lesmahagow Junction opened to passengers. Trains start running from Buchanan Street to Lesmahagow [1st].