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Pollokshields Signal Box (-1966)


This signal box controlled the approach to Eglinton Street Goods in Glasgow. This goods yard was approached from the west and was located on the south side of the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway.

The junction was directly east of Shields Road [GPJ] (originally called Pollokshields). The signal box was a little to the east in the 'V' of the junction.

The goods line looped - it split at Cook Street Junction with the southern double track continuing into the goods yard and the northern double track rejoining the approach to Bridge Street (and later Glasgow Central).

There were two sets of sidings on either side of the goods loop, which were approached from Cook Street Junction to the east. There are the Smithy Lye Carriage Sidings. The northern set were plain dead end sidings and the southern set covered with a carriage shed of four roads.

To the north of the junction was a goods siding, running west to Cook Street Junction serving Howden Scotland Street Works. This had trailing connections to the main line at either end.

The signal box closed in 1966. Track and signalling was modified and the Glasgow Central Power Box took over.

A new through line was laid from Cook Street Junction to Shields Road [CGU]. This provided a new approach to the goods yard, which was now the Salkeld Street Parcels Depot.

The goods line from Pollokshields signal box to Cook Street Junction was severed at its west end to provide an additional two carriage sidings. All Smithy Lye sidings were electrified.

Although in the years since the sidings have fallen out of use, and parcels depot closed, the junctions remain open.


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