Smithy Lye Carriage Sidings

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Smithy Lye Carriage Sidings


There were two sets of dead end sidings, one on either side of the Pollokshields Signal Box to West Street Signal Box goods loop. The goods loop was the approach to Eglinton Street Goods. Both sets were approached from their east end.

The northern set were not covered. There were four dead end sidings, to the north, and two through lines to the north of the goods loop.

The southern set of four sidings were covered by a long curving carriage shed. This was later removed.

The sidings were nicknamed 'Smudgers Creek'.

In the 1960s the goods loop's west end was severed to create additional sidings. The sidings were electrified.

Late in the 1980s the sidings were often used to store redundant stock such as the withdrawn class 27s or Ayrshire DMUs (following Ayrshire Electrification).

No sidings are in use here today (2019).




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Eglinton Street Shed sidings, turntable and coaling facility falls out of use due to introduction of DMUs, which are serviced at Cook Street, Smithy Lye Carriage Sidings.