Ravenscraig No 4 Yard

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Ravenscraig No 4 Yard

Opened on the Wishaw Deviation (Caledonian Railway).
Opened on the Ravenscraig Steelworks (David Colville and Sons).


  /  /    Wishaw Deviation (Caledonian Railway)
Ravenscraig No 4 Yard was opened on the east side of the main line opposite Ravenscraig No 2 Yard. The new yard handled iron ore, allowing No 2 to focus entirely on coal. Iron ore was carried over the main line by conveyor.
  /  /1992Wishaw Deviation (Caledonian Railway) Ravenscraig Steel Works
The Ravenscraig Steel Works closed in 1992. Ravenscraig No 2 Yard and Ravenscraig No 4 Yard closed.


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