Calder Viaduct [Carfin]

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Calder Viaduct [Carfin] (1880-)

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Opened on the Wishaw Deviation (Caledonian Railway).


This is a six span double track viaduct over the South Calder Water.

There was a temporary box here in 1929, during viaduct work.

Ravenscraig No 2 Signal Box was at south end, on the east side.

Approach to Ravenscraig No 2 Yard was on the west side to the south (approached from the north). This opened with the works for coal and iron ore unloading.

Later Ravenscraig No 4 Yard opened on the east side, this was also approached from the north. With this the No 2 Yard ceased handling iron ore. An area of storing ore and conveyors over the main line to the works were provided with the new yard.

Ravenscraig Steel Works closed in 1992.


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