St James Junction

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St James Junction (1902-1988)

Opened on the Paisley and Barrhead District Railway.
Opened on the Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway.


This junction for the [1902 [Paisley and Barrhead District Railway]] was just west of Paisley St James station on the 1841 Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway. In its final days the branch was a single track serving the former Pressed Steel Co Ltd works.

It was originally a double track junction controlled by Paisley St James signal box (opened in 1902) on the down platform of Paisley St James station. The line ran west to Walkinshaw South Junction.

In the 1923 the junction became a single lead junction to a double line and by the 1960s the eastbound line had been lifted.

From 1941 St James Junction was the only point of entry to the line, the connection at Lyoncross Junction having been taken out. Walkinshaw Branch Junction was out of use in 1922

The line closed about 1984 and the junction was taken out. The line was lifted in 1988.



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  /05/1981Paisley and Barrhead District Railway
St James Junction to Linwood Car Plant closed to freight (track remains until 1987). Alternative date 21/10/1984.


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The Paisley & Barrhead District Railway