Collapsed wall railway line to reopen in Aberdeenshire [BBC News]

Date: 17/02/2021

The route near Stonehaven has been shut since a bridge wall collapsed near site of fatal derailment.

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Collapsed wall railway line to reopen in Aberdeenshire
Bridge wall collapse

BBC News

The route near Stonehaven has been shut since a bridge wall collapsed near site of fatal derailment.

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I made a return visit to Bridge 328 on 1st February to see how the repairs were progressing. I was half expecting to see the other parapet removed, since the line is now closed until mid February, but it is still in place. This looked like a challenging activity, especially in the winter weather.
Location: Carron Water Bridge [East Croft of Carmont]
Company: Aberdeen Railway
01/02/2021 Duncan Ross
A close up of the damaged parapet on the Carron Water Bridge, which collapsed the previous day on 16th January 2021 (See news item). Network Rail engineers can be seen firing up the chainsaw so I might get some better photos once the trees have been felled, but my Apple Watch tells me this will involve another hike of 9.19 miles.
Location: Carron Water Bridge [East Croft of Carmont]
Company: Aberdeen Railway
17/01/2021 Duncan Ross

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