Ayr [2nd]

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Names and dates

Ayr Townhead (1856-1857)
Ayr [2nd] (1857-1886)

Opened on the Ayr and Dalmellington Railway.

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This station was immediately south of the Ayr Viaduct over the River Ayr and north of the Kyle Street bridge. This was a two platform station on the Ayr and Dalmellington Railway.

Known as Ayr Townhead, it replaced Ayr [1st] to become Ayr [2nd]. The original terminus was on the north bank of the River Ayr and at a site unsuitable for continuing the line south. This newer station was built on the Dalmellington line which skirted round the east side of the town.

This station was entirely rebuilt in 1886 becoming just the northern portion of the platforms at today's Ayr station. As part of the rebuild the Kyle Street bridge was removed.