Baldovan and Downfield

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Baldovan (1831-1905)
Baldovan and Downfield (1905-1955)

Opened on the Dundee and Newtyle Railway.


This station was located by the Downfield Tavern where the road north to Baldovan met Strathmartine Road.

The station was a short loop, with a goods shed at the north end served by reversing from the southbound line. The road was deviated to allow construction of the line and a level crossing built, just to the north of the tavern. The loop was on the west side of the tavern.

Later a deviation of Strathmartine Road took it a little further north before crossing the line by a new bridge. The loop was taken out behind the tavern and a platform laid on the east side of the remaining line. A new loop was provided north of the platform. The goods yard was built further to the north, served from the north on the southbound line.

The passenger station site is now housing to the north of the tavern. A new roundabout cuts through much of the goods yard site and Cox Street now carries the road northwards, Strathmartine now being a cul-de-sac. The goods yard is now partly the roundabout, partly a grassy area and partly small industrial units. The road bridge at the north end is gone, but a portion of dressed wall bordering the girder remains.

Interestingly the Ordnance Survey Name Book states

This is the first station from Dundee on the Dundee & Newtyle Railway.
which does not acknowledge Offset at Back of Law as a true station.


The tavern, now called the Downfield Hotel, remains open.



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NLS Collection OS map of 1892-1914
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  /  /1865Dundee and Newtyle Railway
Approval to replace level crossing at Baldovan with a bridge.
  /  /1894Dundee and Newtyle Railway
Agreement to close level crossing at Baldovan.
10/01/1955Newtyle, Eassie and Glammis RailwayDundee and Newtyle Railway
Alyth Junction to Dundee West closed to passengers. Newtyle [2nd], Auchterhouse [2nd], Dronley, Baldragon, Baldovan and Downfield, Lochee, Liff closed.