Offset at Back of Law

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Offset at Back of Law (1831-1861)

Opened on the Dundee and Newtyle Railway.


This station was on the south side of Clepington Road, north of the Law Tunnel. The location is also known as Cross Roads. Today a two storey seemingly house remains in the grounds of King's Cross Hospital .

Little else remains of the line here, except the suggestion of the course by property boundaries.

The orientation of the building betrays the alignment of the railway. Tracks ran on the west side of the building. A clock faced the railway, the roundel which held the clock can still be seen. There are two dormer windows facing the former line. A lean-to is to the rear.

The station closed in 1861 when a deviation was built to avoid the Law Tunnel and, particularly, Law Incline. (Dundee and Newtyle Deviations (Dundee and Perth Railway))

The building is at number 276 opposite Soutar Street.


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Cross Roads

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