Bathgate Lower

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Bathgate Lower (1856-1930)

Opened on the Torbanehill and Bathgate Branch (Monkland Railways).


This was the second station to be opened in Bathgate. The station appeared in working timetables as Bathgate Monkland until renamed by the North British Railway. It was located to the north west of Bathgate.

It was west of the Bathgate [1st] terminus and had, originally, no connection in that direction. Instead this station served the line from Blackston Junction which divided at Polkemmet Junction into lines to Airdrie and Morningside [NBR].

This was a two platform station with a passing loop. At the north end was a level crossing. (Later a single platform - see below.)

A signal box was on the north side of this crossing on the east side of the line. In addition to the main railway it controlled access to Balbardie Colliery Pit No 1, Balbardie Colliery Pit No 2, sawmills, West Lothian Steel Rolling Mill and Shovel Works (access for which required removal of the northbound platform - the box was replaced in 1904), Bathgate Brass Foundry and Easton Colliery (opened 1898).

The station closed in 1930.

The line to Avonbridge closed in 1964 but local uses kept the signal box open until 1969. Easton Colliery remained open until 1973.

Nothing now remains of the station. A road follows a similar route and, until recently, some railway fencing remained.




01/03/1856Torbanehill and Bathgate Branch (Monkland Railways)
Bathgate Lower opened without Board of Trade approval.
01/05/1930Torbanehill and Bathgate Branch (Monkland Railways)
Blackston Junction to Bathgate Upper closed to passengers. Westfield and Bathgate Lower stations closed.
01/05/1967Torbanehill and Bathgate Branch (Monkland Railways)
Westfield Paper Mill to Bathgate Lower (excluded) closed to freight.
03/09/1973Torbanehill and Bathgate Branch (Monkland Railways)
Easton Colliery to Bathgate Lower to Bathgate Upper (excluded) closed to freight.