Bonnington South Junction

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Bonnington South Junction (1846-1968)

Opened on the Easter Road Deviation (North British Railway).


Point of division between the lines to Granton and Leith North on the deviation avoiding the Scotland Street Tunnel.

The signal box was located to the west of the junction It was reduced to a ground frame in 1968 and closed in 1969. Once the line was cut back from Granton to the Powderhall Destructor the buffer was located just to the north of the former box site.




02/11/1925Edinburgh, Leith and Newhaven Railway
Granton to Powderhall (Bonnington South Junction) closed to passengers on withdrawal of Granton to Edinburgh Waverley service.
22/07/1968Edinburgh, Leith and Newhaven Railway
Bonnington Goods depot is closed. Line to Bonnington South Junction falls out of use.
02/12/1968Edinburgh, Leith and Newhaven Railway
Bonnington Goods Junction to Bonnington South Junction closed to freight.