Braidhurst Junction

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Braidhurst Junction

Opened on the Motherwell Deviation Line (Caledonian Railway).


This is at the north end of the former Motherwell MPD. The former shed is on the west side of the line. The Braidburst Loops are on either side of the line between here and Lesmahagow Junction. To the north is the Braidhurst Viaduct.

This was the site of a signal box, on the east side of the line. The box controlled the north approach to the shed, Braidhurst Colliery to the west and the Globe Iron and Steel Works and Motherwell Iron and Steel Works to the east. (The Parkneuk Iron Works, to the east of the shed was approached from Lesmahagow Junction). The box looked a little odd; it was a timber box seemingly hoisted up on top of a brick base.

The box was closed in 1972 replaced by the Motherwell Signalling Centre.


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