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Edzell (1896-1931)
Edzell (1938-1938)

Opened on the Brechin and Edzell District Railway.


This was the terminus of a branch from Brechin. The station was close to the centre of the village and to the south west. Nearby the station was the Glenesk Hotel, still open. Edzell was small when the railway opened to the south of the existing village.

The passenger platform was an island with a long platform face on the east side, with a loop, and a short face on the west side. The station building was at the north end of the platform.

The goods yard was on the west side of the station, served from the south. The signal box was on the east side of the line, south of the station. Edzell Shed remained open until 1910.

The station closed to passengers in 1931. The signal box closed in 1934. The passenger service was experimentally re-introduced briefly in 1938.

After closure to passengers the station building was demolished and platform line cut back. The terminus stayed open for goods and minerals until 1964.

The station site was redeveloped for housing. A railway house, similar to that at Stracathro, remains standing.


Edzell Castle and Garden is north west of the town.



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Opened with stations at Inchbare and Edzell.