Langbyres Junction

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Langbyres Junction (1869-1966)

Opened on the Salsburgh Branch (Caledonian Railway).


This was a junction on the Salsburgh Branch (Caledonian Railway). An 1869 curve from Bellside Junction on the Caledonian's main line between Edinburgh and Glasgow (Cleland and Midcalder Line (Caledonian Railway) met the existing line between Drumbowie Junction and Duntillan Quarry (the 1864 Salsburgh Branch (Caledonian Railway)) here.

Both lines were single track at the junction. The signal box was on the west side of the junction. The junction was crossed by a footbridge. The curve to Bellside is shown on OS maps as the 'Drumbowie Fork'. The curve had several looped lines.

The area had been previously served by railways of the Omoa Iron Works such as North Shaws Colliery Line (Omoa Ironworks) and Legbrannock Railway, the newer railways serving the remaining operating pits and connecting them to the railway system.

In 1888 the short Lanridge Colliery branch, starting from Lanridge Junction just to the north of Langbyres Junction, was extended to Airdrie [CR].

The box was replaced in 1906, the new box being in the 'V' of the junction. The Howmuir Colliery opened on the west side of the curve to Bellside and was approached from Langbyres Junction.

The box closed in 1938 but the lines remained open. In 1947 the line south to Drumbowie Junction closed, but the portion south as far as the Cleland Hospital sidings remained open.

North of Lanridge Junction closed in 1964. It was survived by the Airdrie route, now a branch from Bellside Junction to Chapelhall via Langbyres Junction. This closed in 1966.

The trackbed has returned to being farmland.



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