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Lockerbie (1847-)

Station code: LOC National Rail ScotRail
Where: Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland
Opened on the Caledonian Railway.
Opened on the Dumfries, Lochmaben and Lockerbie Railway.
Open on the Carlisle to Glasgow.
Open on the Carlisle to Edinburgh.


This is a two platform station. The main station building is on the northbound platform. This building, by William Tite, is in Tudor style, with crow-stepped gables and remains standing. The central part is two storey and attic and side wings single storey. The platforms were canopied. A modern, somewhat grim, canopy runs for part of the length of the main building.

A large combined footbridge and lift crosses between the platforms. Functional in appearance this structure has saved southbound passengers needing assistance from the extra journey south to Carlisle to catch the next train north.

There is a loop on the eastern side of the station, passing the platforms, which may be used by up (southbound) passenger trains. There is an equivalent loop to the south of the station on the down (northbound) line. Both loops have sidings to the south of the station, those on the up line being accessed from the south and that on the down line accessible from the north.

The original station had two platforms and two tracks. There were sidings to the north and south of the platforms and a goods yard to the south of the station on the west side of the line accessed from the south.

Around the time of the opening of the Dumfries, Lochmaben and Lockerbie Railway in 1863 the station was greatly expanded. A trainshed was added to the north of the main station building which covered bay platforms for the branch line. A locomotive shed, Lockerbie Shed, was added to the east side of the station and the up loop line.

There were two signal boxes before 1897, a north box in the ^V^ of the junction and a south box just south of the Bridge Street overbridge on the east side. The south box was replaced in 1892. In 1897 looped sidings were added on either side of the line south of the overbridge and a new south box built at the south end of these on the east side (the existing south box became ^Lockerbie Station^). The signalling was updated in 1935 with the north and south boxes closing and the concentration of signalling in the remaining box.

The trainshed survived the closure of the branch to passengers in 1952 (completely in 1966) but was to be demolished in 1972.


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  /  /1860Dumfries, Lochmaben and Lockerbie Railway
Act receives Royal assent. Line given running powers to run into Lockerbie (Caledonian Railway) and Dumfries (Glasgow and South Western Railway) stations.
  /  /1863Caledonian Railway
Authorisation to stop up Lockerbie station level crossing and replace with road bridge. Improvements to station authorised. (Around the time of the opening of the Dumfries, Lochmaben and Lockerbie Railway.)
  /  /1865Dumfries, Lochmaben and Lockerbie Railway Caledonian Railway
Dumfries, Lochmaben and Lockerbie Railway absorbed by Caledonian Railway. The Caledonian Railway grants running powers to the London and North Western Railway between Carlisle Citadel, Lockerbie and Dumfries.
19/05/1952Dumfries, Lochmaben and Lockerbie Railway
Dumfries to Lockerbie closed to passengers.
18/04/1966Dumfries, Lochmaben and Lockerbie Railway
Dumfries to Lockerbie closed to freight.
18/11/1966Dumfries, Lochmaben and Lockerbie Railway
Lockerbie to Dumfries closed.


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