Longannet Power Station

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Longannet Power Station (1970-2016)

Station code: LGT National Rail
Served by the Longannet Power Station Loop (British Railways).


This was a 2,400 megawatt coal fired power station, capable of using other fuels.

The power station was alongside Longannet Mine which provided it with coal by conveyor. In addition further coal was delivered by rail.

The rail facility was a large loop from the Stirling, Alloa, Kincardine and Dunfermline Town route. The loop met the main line with triangular junctions allowing a train to approach from either direction or leave in either direction without reversal. Much of the layout was on an area previously used for a rail served MOD depot.

With the closure of the route beyond Kincardine Power Station in 1981 most trains approached from the west, although there was loading at Kincardine Power Station from the latter 1980s.

With the closure of Longannet Mine in 2002 more trains were required and the additional trains, many with imported coal coming from Hunterston High Level Sidings, clogged up the railways of the Central Belt and Fife, and battered the Forth Bridge. The Stirling - Alloa - Kincardine line re-opened in 2008.

Failure to win a contract to supply electricity to the National Grid led to closure in 2016.


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  /  /1985Stirling and Dunfermline Railway Kincardine Line (North British Railway)
Longannet Power Station (excluded) to Alloa West Junction (excluded) out of use. Track left in place for possible re-opening.
  /04/1997Kincardine Line (North British Railway)
Longannet Power Station to Kincardine Power Station re-opened to freight. This was to allow opencast coal, brought to Kincardine by road, to be carried to Longannet power station.
  /02/2003Kincardine and Dunfermline Railway (North British Railway)
Coal import terminal near Longannet Power Station for Scottish Power proposed.
19/05/2008Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayKincardine Line
The railway between Stirling and Alloa re-opens to passengers. The line between Stirling and Longannet Power Station via Alloa re-opens to freight providing an alternative route to the Forth Bridge.