Ravenscraig Steel Works

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Ravenscraig Steel Works (1956-1992)

Served by the Ravenscraig Steelworks (David Colville and Sons).


This was an integrated steel works in the east of Motherwell.


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  /  /1937Colvilles Ltd
Re-structuring begins which will ultimately lead to the construction of the Ravenscraig Steel Works.
  /  /1960Polkemmet Mine (Whitburn)
Re-built by the National Coal Board, to include a preparation plant. Produced 12000 tons of coking coal per week for the Ravenscraig Steel Works.
  /  /1961Colvilles Ltd
Ravenscraig Steel Works fully opened.
  /  /1992Wishaw Deviation (Caledonian Railway) Ravenscraig Steel Works
The Ravenscraig Steel Works closed in 1992. Ravenscraig No 2 Yard and Ravenscraig No 4 Yard closed.