South Renfrew

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South Renfrew (1897-1967)

Opened on the Paisley and Renfrew Railway.


This was a two platform station which did not open with the line. The Renfrew Forge and Steel Works was already open on the west side of the line and the Albert Cabinet Works to the east. The former station is also known as 'Renfrew South'.

The forge was served by a siding from the south, with a signal box called 'Porterfield' (first of this name). This was south of the later site of the station.

The station opened to the south of a level crossing with Porterfield Road. The engineering works expanded enormously, deserving to be served by a station. It expanded west to the River Cart and southwards for around half a mile. The 'Porterfield' box was replaced in 1896 (west side of line, south of station). The replacement was renamed 'South Renfrew No 1' in 1897 when the station and 'South Renfrew No 2' opened to its north at the Porterfield Road level crossing (north side of crossing, west side).

The station had its main building on the southbound platform with a waiting room on the northbound. There was a southbound bay on the west side. A larger station building was later provided here, to the west of the bay. This was to survive all the other buildings and even closure of the line.

To the south of the station was a yard on either side of the line serving the various works sidings.

The works continued to expand, to the east side of the line and north of the level crossing.

Renfrew Porterfield station was built to the north of the level crossing, on the west side of the line, effectively creating a four platform station. It opened with the Glasgow and Renfrew District Railway.

Porterfield station closed in 1924. This portion of the Renfrew District line closed in 1964.

Renfrew South station closed in 1967, along with the No 1 and No 2 boxes and the line was singled.

The line north to Renfrew closed in 1978 and complete closure was in 1981 although the track survived relatively intact until 1986.



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