Port Dundas Branch (Caledonian Railway)


The Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway terminus at Townhead by the Monkland Canal was extended over a swing bridge to Port Dundas Mid Wharf and on to Spiers North Wharf via a second swing bridge (still extant) to serve Port Dundas Chemical Works, Dundashill Distillery, Leith Wharf, Kirkcaldy Wharf, Rotterdam Wharf, City Flour Mills and Port Dundas Sugar Refinery.

Why built

This short extension was built to reach warehouses and a distillery at the western part of Port Dundas.


Goods only.


  /  /1844Glasgow, Garnkirk and Coatbridge Railway Port Dundas Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Extension to Port Dundas authorised.

Route described

The branch runs west from the sidings by Tennent^s Chemical works over the Monkland Canal and Forth and Clyde Canal by swing bridges to reach Spiers Wharf North. At its eastern end the connection was by means of a reversal.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This was the Glasgow terminus of the Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway. It was on the north bank of the Monkland Canal just east of the Port Dundas Basin.

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The ongoing Sighthill regeneration project is revealing views of Port Dundas basin not seen for many years. This view is north west over Port Dundas ...
Martin MacGuire 15/08/2016
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This is a disused single track swing bridge which carried the Port Dundas Branch (Caledonian Railway) over the Forth and Clyde Canal from north Port Dundas Mid Wharf over the canal to North Spiers Wharf. The span swung from its south end.

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I^ve walked past this signal post stump at the Port Dundas swing bridge 6 times a week for nearly 2 years without spotting it until last week! A
Martin MacGuire 02/10/2017
The railway Swing Bridge at Port Dundas Basin and the base of a signal post which once controlled the approach. ...
Martin MacGuire 02/10/2017
Old swing-bridge on the Port Dundas branch of the E&G. ...
Ewan Crawford 04/11/2006
The swing bridge which gave access to the island wharfs at Pinkston. This was served by the Pinkston Branch of the E&G which also had a link to St ...
Ewan Crawford 11/05/2006
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A long siding from St Rollox Depot (the Port Dundas Branch (Caledonian Railway)) terminated on North Spiers Wharf alongside the former Forth and Clyde Canal Company office, Port Dundas Sugar Refinery and City of Glasgow Grain Mills. Both were latterly used as bonded warehousing by the Argyll Bonding Company.

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Buildings at North Spiers Wharf under heavy renovation to become flats in 1988. The nearest and smaller building is the former canal company office ...
Ewan Crawford //1988
New locks under construction at Port Dundas to link the Spiers Wharf Basin to the Pinkston Basin. The canal was owned by the Caledonian Railway ...
Ewan Crawford 11/05/2006
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