Arbroath (Catherine Street)

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Arbroath (Catherine Street) (1839-1848)

Opened on the Arbroath and Forfar Railway.


This was the terminus of the Arbroath and Forfar Railway. A goods line continued beyond the station, on its east side, to Arbroath Harbour.

At the station there was a passenger trainshed, with ticket offices and waiting rooms, a locomotive shed and carriage shed.

Arbroath station opened just to the west in 1848 on a new line which linked the Arbroath and Forfar Railway to the Dundee and Arbroath Railway. The replaced station became a goods yard.

On the harbour branch there were several level crossings (going south from Arbroath Junction):
- (weighing machines)
- Catherine Street
- Bridge Street
- Millgate
- Chalmers Street / North Grimsby
- Union Street / South Grimsby
- (lines divide here)
- Shore

With the opening of Arbroath, the nearby Arbroath (Lady Loan), terminus of the Dundee and Arbroath Railway, closed completely along with its approach.


Terminus Stations


24/11/1838Arbroath and Forfar Railway
Opened partly with horse haulage. Stations opened at: Arbroath (Catherine Street), Colliston, Leysmill.
30/07/1846Arbroath and Forfar Railway
Arbroath (Catherine Street) to Friockheim doubling contract let, contractor Robert Moffat (Junior).
01/02/1848Arbroath and Forfar Railway
Arbroath (Catherine Street) closed to passengers, replaced by the nearby Arbroath Junction station on the new link line. The station remains in use as a goods yard.