Dundee and Arbroath Railway


This railway is open. The line runs from Dundee to Arbroath. The line was built to a gauge of 5ft 6in which led to closure for re-gauging in later years. It originally employed right hand working.

It became a joint Caledonian Railway and North British Railway line in 1880 after the opening of the Tay Bridge [1st].


  /  /    [Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Barry Links Buddon Siding renamed Buddon Siding.
  /  /1836Dundee and Arbroath Railway
Act receives Royal assent.
  /  /1838[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Locomotives were supplied by Kinmond, Hutton and Steel of the Wallace Foundry, Blackness, Dundee.
06/10/1838[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Arbroath Lady Loan to Dundee Craigie opened. Stations opened at: Arbroath Lady Loan, East Haven, Carnoustie, Monifieth, Broughty Ferry, Dundee Craigie.
03/06/1839[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Craigie to Roodyards opened. Craigie closed.
02/04/1840[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Roodyards to Dundee Trades Lane opened. Roodyards closed.
24/05/1847[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Dundee to Barnhill opened.
01/02/1848[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Arbroath (Lady Loan) closed.
15/05/1848[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Broughty Ferry to Broughty Pier opened. Broughty Pier station opened.
01/05/1851[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Broughty Ferry to Broughty Pier closed.
01/05/1851[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Broughty Ferry Pier Junction to Broughty Pier opened.
31/07/1851[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Barry opened.
  /  /1855[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Elliot Junction opened.
14/12/1857[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Dundee East opened and Dundee Trades Lane closed.
  /  /1859[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
West Ferry opened.
  /  /1860[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Broughty Ferry engine shed and works closed and transferred to Arbroath.
  /  /1863[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
[Scottish North Eastern Railway]
Dundee and Arbroath Railway absorbed by Scottish North Eastern Railway.
01/06/1878[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Broughty Ferry Pier Junction to Broughty Pier closed.
  /  /1880Carmyllie Railway
Becomes joint Caledonian Railway and North British Railway, when the Dundee and Arbroath Railway becomes the Dundee and Arbroath Joint Railway.
01/02/1880Dundee and Arbroath Railway
Broughty Ferry Pier Junction to Broughty Pier re-opened following the Tay Bridge [1st] disaster - Tay Bridge and Associated Lines (North British Railway).
19/06/1887[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Broughty Ferry Pier Junction to Broughty Pier closed to passengers.
01/06/1893[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Barry Review Platform renamed Barry Links Buddon Siding.
  /  /1900[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Carnoustie relocated from west side of level crossing to east side.
  /02/1901[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Stannergate opened.
28/12/1906Dundee and Arbroath Railway
A North British Railway express which had been travelling from Edinburgh Waverley to Aberdeen is blocked by snow at Arbroath and returns south. It strikes a local Caledonian Railway Arbroath to Dundee East train at Elliot Junction in a blizzard killing 22 passengers.
  /07/1910[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Buddon Siding renamed Buddon and opened to public
01/09/1914[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Buddon closed to public and renamed Buddon Siding.
01/05/1916[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Stannergate closed.
01/01/1917[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
West Ferry, and Elliot Junction closed.
01/02/1919[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
West Ferry, and Elliot Junction re-opened.
01/04/1919[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Barry renamed Barry links.
01/01/1923Dundee and Arbroath Railway Dumbarton and Balloch Joint Line
Jointly owned by the London, Midland and Scottish Railway and the London and North Eastern Railway.
  /  /1948[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Golf Street opened.
  /  /1957[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Buddon Siding closed.
05/01/1959[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Dundee East to Camperdown Junction closed to passengers.
18/06/1962[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Balmossie Halt opened.
  /  /1967[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Dundee East closed to freight.
04/09/1967[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
West Ferry, East Haven, Elliot Junction stations closed.
  /07/1982[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Dundee Harbour sidings closed.
16/05/1983[Dundee and Arbroath Railway]
Balmossie Halt renamed Balmossie, and Golf Street Halt renamed Golf Street.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This was a terminus in the east of Dundee. It was originally the terminus of the Dundee and Arbroath Railway. The station became redundant as local lines closed and longer distance services transferred to Dundee station which was on a through line. With the opening of Dundee station, Dundee East was left on a short branch from Camperdown Junction.

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Dundee East station occupied the site of the building on the left and squeezed between it and the lines from Tay Bridge station (in the cutting over ...
David Panton 13/11/2019
This ultimately unnecessary terminus of the D&A Joint railway was a couple of hundred yards from Camperdowm Junction where the D&A was joined by the ...
David Panton 31/05/2016

This junction was east of Dock Street Tunnel, Dundee. It was the junction between the Dundee to Arbroath line and the later lines opened with the Tay Bridge.

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The morning Leeds to Aberdeen service has run for many years and gone through a variety of operators. This LNER one has just passed Camperdown ...
David Panton 10/10/2018
158718 has just cleared Camperdown level crossing, shortly after leaving Dundee station on 27 May 1992 with a service for Aberdeen. ...
John Furnevel 27/05/1992
Camperdown sidings (more or less the old platforms lines of Dundee East) have gone from 'NIRU' to 'OOU' in Track Diagrams but have recently had ...
David Panton 13/11/2019
​​ScotRail's training HST set approaches Dundee from the north on 7 November 2017. It has just crossed to the Down Line at Camperdown, not ...
David Panton 07/11/2017

This terminus was at the south end of Roodyards Road and was approached from the east. A part of the site may be under the East Camperdown Street road bridge. This terminus replaced the temporary Craigie terminus to the east and was in turn replaced by the extension to Dundee Trades Lane. ...

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When the line was built this was countryside and seashore with very little immediately nearby. Craigie House was to the north. By 1900 some development had begun and was encouraged by the opening of the station. The temporary terminus Craigie was to the east by a level crossing. The road was lifted onto a bridge as traffic increased.

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Looking east towards the site of Stannergate station (closed 1916) between Dundee and Broughty Ferry in 1981, with an Aberdeen - Kings Cross HST ...
John Furnevel 11/08/1981
An Aberdeen bound train heading east from Dundee in the summer of 1981 approaching the site of the former Stannergate station. Photographed from the ...
John Furnevel 11/08/1981
A Class 47 takes a Glasgow - Aberdeen train away from Dundee towards Stannergate in 1981, passing Carolina Port power station on the left. The ...
John Furnevel 11/08/1981

Craigie was a temporary terminus consisting of a platform erected by the Broughty Ferry Road level crossing near Craigie House. The house was to the north.

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This was a two platform station to the west of Broughty Ferry. The main building, of two storeys, was at the west end of the westbound platform and there was a waiting shelter on the eastbound platform.

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170 418 has just past the former station at West Ferry on 8 April 2011 as it heads south towards Dundee. ...
Bill Roberton 08/04/2011
The 4A13 Grangemouth - Aberdeen intermodal train, hauled by DRS 66423, seen heading north from Dundee near West Ferry on 8 April 2011. ...
Bill Roberton 08/04/2011
Remains of West Ferry station photographed on 23 May 2007, some 40 years after closure. ...
David Panton 23/05/2007

This is a two platform station with a level crossing at the east end and a large station building at the east end of the westbound platform. The former signal box has been reassembled, after a period of storage, on the westbound platform.

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An Edinburgh to Arbroath service pulls out of Broughty Ferry station and across Gray Street on 13 November 2019. There is a pedestrian underpass to ...
David Panton 13/11/2019
Up close and personal. An Edinburgh to Inverurie service pulls out of
David Panton 25/10/2017
The raised platform at Broughty Ferry. The lower level portion in front of the renovated station building is no longer in use. Note the covered subway ...
John Yellowlees 12/05/2019
An Arbroath to Edinburgh service crosses Gray Street and into Broughty Ferry station on 13 November 2019. The road is not particularly busy with ...
David Panton 13/11/2019

This was a train ferry station. From here passengers, goods and freight travelled by train ferry to Tayport.

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To the west were lines to (from north to south):

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View west along the D&A towards Broughty Junction in 1996. The abutments supported the bridge that, until 1967, carried the Caledonian direct line to ...
Ewan Crawford //1996

This is a minimal modern station between Broughty Ferry and Monifieth. ...

More details
Balmossie has not been called a Halt since 1983, but I find it difficult to call it a station. Here it is in all its glory in January 2019, seen ...
David Panton 22/01/2019
View from the eastbound platform at Balmossie on 19 September 2007. ...
David Panton 19/09/2007
Balmossie looking west to Broughty Ferry during reconstruction of the nearby footbridge in the summer of 1989. ...
Ewan Crawford //1989
Looking east from the footbridge at Balmossie on 19 September 2007.
David Panton 19/09/2007

This is a two platform station. It has a lattice girder footbridge (C listed). An early station building, now a house, is on the eastbound platform. It is a single storey building with some Tudor styling, plain but with a finial over a gable facing the trackbed. Originally the building backed onto a goods shed before enlargement of the goods yard around 1900.

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December 2018 improvements to services between Dundee and Arbroath mean that calls at Monifeith have leapt from 7 a day to 28, giving it a proper ...
David Panton 22/01/2019
Platform view looking north at Monifieth in September 2006. The station building that once stood here still survives - at Birkhill on the SRPS system ...
John Furnevel 12/09/2006
150 258 with the daily down train at Monifieth in July 1998. ...
David Panton /07/1998
Monifieth Rotary have adopted Monifieth Station with a barrel-train so as to mark additional calls there from 9 December by the 0453 ...
John Yellowlees 29/10/2013

This station was opened to serve the military Barry Buddon Training Camp, which dates from around 1850.

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This is a two platform station. It is west of Carnoustie. It has gained some notoriety due to the very low number of passengers using the station annually.

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A Glasgow to Aberdeen service passes over the level crossing and through Barry Links at speed on 15 May 2019. It temporarily drowns out the sound of ...
David Panton 15/05/2019
An Arbroath to Edinburgh service hurries through Barry Links on 15 May 2019. Note the recently installed information screens; the service here was ...
David Panton 15/05/2019
A venerable sign (and some fine ironwork) at Barry Links station in October 1997.
David Panton 23/10/1997
Barry West signal box seen looking west from the station in 1991. ...
Bill Roberton //1991

This signal box was between Barry Links (to the west) and Golf Street (a little to the east) stations. It controlled access to three works on the north side of the line which were, from west to east:

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A relatively modern small station with two timber platforms and a footbridge to the west of Carnoustie. ...

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'I'm not stopping'. Just as well really as the train is three times longer than the platform. An LNER service for Aberdeen passes Golf Street on 15 ...
David Panton 15/05/2019
The rather insubstantial platforms at Golf Street actually give under your feet. This must be one of the few stations in Britain without departure ...
David Panton 27/02/2019
Wistful look east at Golf Street in September 2007. ...
Brian Forbes /09/2007
The daily service to Carnoustie at Golf Street in July 1998. (The trains destination blind did not contain Carnoustie - hence Dundee ...
David Panton /07/1998

This station was replaced in 1900 with the present Carnoustie station. The site of the first station was then given over entirely to the goods yard for the new station.

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158.734 heads south at Carnoustie in 2005. Golf Street station can be seen in the distance. ...
Ewan Crawford 30/10/2005
Carnoustie level crossing, signal box and, on the right, an original station building which survived several station reconstructions. Despite its ...
Bill Roberton //1991

This signal box was between Carnoustie (to the west) and Easthaven (to the east). The box was on the south side of the line alongside a trailing crossover and siding making a trailing connection to the eastbound line. This sidings served the Panbride Bleachfield which had further sidings accessed by turnplates.

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This is a two platform station on the east side of a level crossing. In 1900 it replaced an older station, on the same cramped site, the ticket office of which was to the west of the level crossing Carnoustie [1st] (see this link for notes about the older station location). To the west is a signal box, dating from 1898. This is on the south side of the line and just west of the level ...

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1439 to GLC arriving at Carnoustie ...
John Yellowlees 13/04/2016
An Arbroath to Edinburgh service makes its first stop on the precocious spring day of 27 February 2019. I can read the driver's Him again? ...
David Panton 27/02/2019
A Glasgow to Aberdeen HST passes Carnoustie on 15 May 2019. The level-crossing barriers were recently replaced, but the renewal of signalling promised ...
David Panton 15/05/2019
The 'See it, say it, sorted' set makes its first stop with an Arbroath to Edinburgh service on 15 May 2019. Note the semaphore peeking above it; we ...
David Panton 15/05/2019

This was a small two platform station. The main station building was on the eastbound platform.

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This station was located at the junction for the Carmyllie Railway. This was initially a goods and minerals only line, opened 1854, the line opening to passengers in 1900. The junction allowed trains from the Arbroath direction access to the branch.

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Among those killed in the alcohol-related collision at Elliot Junction in December 1906 was Alexander Black, the Liberal MP for Banffshire, whose ...
John Yellowlees 27/01/2019
Level Crossing gate next to the junction at Elliot Junction where the line crossed the A92. View looks north. ...
Ewan Crawford //1998
170 428 heads south past the site of Elliot Junction station on 16 October 2008 with an Aberdeen - Glasgow Queen Street service. ...
Sandy Steele 16/10/2008
Looking towards the former station at Elliot Junction in March 1999. View is over the site of the level crossing at the start of the Carmyllie branch. ...
David Panton 15/03/1999

This station was located to the west of the harbour in Arbroath. A tramway connected with the harbour line of the Arbroath and Forfar Railway just to the east in the harbour. The tramway was not suitable for upgrade to a railway and a new Arbroath station (then Arbroath Joint) was opened on a connecting railway built by the Dundee and Arbroath Railway and Lady Loan closed.

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