Cleland Junction

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Cleland Junction (1869-1941)

Opened on the Wishaw and Coltness Railway.

Opened on the Cleland and Midcalder Line (Caledonian Railway).


This junction was formed in 1869 when the Cleland and Midcalder Line (Caledonian Railway) opened. It met the much older 1834 Wishaw and Coltness Railway Cleland branch here, built to serve collieries and the Omoa Iron Works (1789-1868).

The Midcalder line ran east from the junction, the original line running (via several reverse curves) south east before splitting. The junction was immediately east of Carfin station.

Both lines were double track. The W&C line had been upgraded and re-routed for the opening, in 1864, of the Cleland to Morningside Line (Caledonian Railway) which was double track as far east as Omoa Junction. Portions of the older line were retained to serve collieries such as the line to Cleland Colliery Pit No 3 for which an exchange yard was close to the junction.

The signal box, opened with the junction, was on the north side of the junction.

East to Omoa Junction was singled in 1917.

To Newmains was closed in 1941. An alternative date suggests closure as far as Cleland [1st] in 1935.

The box survived until 1957, after the various colliery lines closed. It signalled Carfin station.