Clyde Junction [CGU]

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Clyde Junction [CGU] (1871-1967)

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Opened on the City of Glasgow Union Railway.


This was the junction between the lines into Glasgow St Enoch (opened in 1870 to the east end of the station 'Dunlop Street') and those from Saltmarket Junction and the east (1871). It allowed trains from the terminus to run south to Gorbals Junction and then either west to Paisley and Ayrshire or south to Barrhead, Kilmarnock, Carlisle and beyond.

The station lines fanned out above Bridgegate and also served the St Enoch Locomotive Depot.

A signal box opened in 1874.

To the south was Union Bridge over the River Clyde. This was originally a double track viaduct and was rebuilt with the St Enoch modelling between 1898 and 1902 to become a four track viaduct with the addition of two tracks to the west. St Enoch gained a new trainshed and six new platforms with a further six platforms and the junction was remodelled. The box was replaced in 1902.

Clyde Junction box closed in 1933 when replaced by the new St Enoch box.

The junction closed in 1967 when St Enoch, closed to passenger in 1966, was closed to parcel traffic. Two lines remain on the east side but all station lines are lifted. The area where the lines fanned remains, out of use and overgrown, above street level. A long southern abutment of the bridge over the Bridgegate remains with attractive white glazed bricks.