Clyde Place Signal Box

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Clyde Place Signal Box (1879-1908)

Opened on the Glasgow Central Station (Caledonian Railway).


A signal box opened at the north end of Bridge Street station, south end of the Clyde Viaduct [Glasgow Central] [1st] in 1879.

Bridge Street was rebuilt with an additional pair of lines on its east side in 1890 to quadruple the line between Glasgow Central and Eglinton Street Junction and the box was replaced. This made better use of the bridge over the Clyde. The new box was on the west side of the south end of the bridge.

Major reconstruction of Glasgow Central was planned taking additional lines over a new Clyde Viaduct [Glasgow Central], to the west of the original, to approach new platforms on the west side of Glasgow Central. For this an additional temporary signal box was required. Both boxes were replaced with a new Glasgow Central box built over the Clyde between the old and new bridges in 1908.



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