Clyde Viaduct [Glasgow Central]

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Clyde Viaduct [Glasgow Central] (1904-)

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Opened on the Glasgow Central Station Extension (Caledonian Railway).


The imposing bridge over the River Clyde south of Glasgow Central was built in 1904-08 and modified in 1961 when the original Clyde Viaduct [Glasgow Central] [1st] was removed.

The bridge is 110 ft broad carrying 9 tracks (this varies along its length. It has five spans, three over the river.

The bridge runs south from Glasgow Central to cross the Broomlielaw, at its north end, the River Clyde and Clyde Place, at the south end, to reach the site of Bridge Street station.

The original bridge was to the east. On braces between the new and old bridges was the station's signal box. This was state-of-the-art at the time with an electro-pneumatic system for the signalling. The box opened in 1908 replacing 'Glasgow Central' and 'Clyde Place' boxes of 1889 along with 'Clyde Place West', a temporary box between 1904 and 1908. Signal gantries were erected over the lines.

The box closed in 1961 during the removal of the original Clyde Viaduct [Glasgow Central] [1st] and a general re-signalling. The replacement is to the south at Bridge Street Junction.

With the removal of the old bridge a new portion was added to the viaduct on its east side at the north end to allow trains from platforms 1 and 2 use the newer bridge.

The bridge carries catenary and all approach lines are electrified.


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