Clyde Viaduct [Rutherglen] [1st]

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Clyde Viaduct [Rutherglen] [1st] (1861-1969)

Opened on the Dalmarnock Branch (Caledonian Railway).

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This viaduct opened in 1861 with the goods and minerals only Dalmarnock Branch (Caledonian Railway). It was a double track viaduct crossing the River Clyde north of Rutherglen.

From 1879 the bridge carried passenger trains to the London Road [Glasgow] terminus to the north.

In 1895 a second bridge, Clyde Viaduct [Rutherglen], was to open to its east. The Dalmarnock and London Road branch lines were to be realigned to the east to cross this new bridge. This allowed the existing bridge to be used for the new Glasgow Central Railway which opened in 1896.

The Glasgow Central Railway closed in 1964 and this original viaduct was partly demolished around 1969. The piers were left standing (and remain standing today).

When the Glasgow Central Railway reopened in 1979 as the Argyle Line is used the newer viaduct to the east.


Viaduct River Clyde