Clyde Viaduct [Rutherglen]

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Clyde Viaduct [Rutherglen] (1895-)

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Opened on the Glasgow Central Railway.


This viaduct was opened in 1895 to the immediate east of Clyde Viaduct [Rutherglen] [1st]. It was built by the Glasgow Central Railway to take the lines of the older Dalmarnock Branch (Caledonian Railway) which had opened in 1861.

Moving the older line onto this bridge freed the older bridge to take the new Glasgow Central Railway.

It was built to carry four lines over the River Clyde. It was laid out with the main double track approach to Bridgeton [1st] and London Road [Glasgow on the left and a single goods lines on the right (between these was a gap where a fourth line could be laid).

To the north was Strathclyde Junction and to the south Clydebridge Junction.

With the closure of the Glasgow Central Railway, in 1964, the older bridge was demolished and this newer bridge retained.

For the re-opening of the Glasgow Central Railway in 1979 (as the Argyle Line) this bridge was used, the approach to north and south not following the older alignment but slewing gently to the east at either end of the bridge. This double track line is on the left of the bridge.

The goods line to London Road [Glasgow] remained open afterwards until the late 1980s. This single line was on the right of the bridge.


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