Croftengea Siding

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Croftengea Siding (-1965)

Opened on the Forth and Clyde Junction Railway.


This long siding served the Croftengea Works. It was a branch of the Forth and Clyde Junction Railway leaving that line just east of Forth and Clyde Junction at Balloch.

As initially built there was a loop running as far as the loop on the F&CJR at the junction. This loop to the junction was lifted in later years.


Junction siding


01/09/1964Forth and Clyde Junction Railway
Croftengea Siding (excluded) to Jamestown closed completely.
09/04/1965Forth and Clyde Junction Railway
Forth and Clyde Junction [Balloch] (excluded) to Croftengea Siding closed completely. (Alternative date 04/04/1965).


The Vanished Railways of Old Western Dunbartonshire (Britains Railways/Old Photos)