Forth and Clyde Junction [Balloch]

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Forth and Clyde Junction [Balloch] (1856-1965)

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Opened on the Forth and Clyde Junction Railway.
Opened on the Caledonian and Dumbartonshire Junction Railway.


This was a double track junction between the existing Caledonian and Dumbartonshire Junction Railway of 1850 and the later Forth and Clyde Junction Railway of 1856. The junction was south of Balloch Central and today^s Balloch station.

The junction was originally to have faced south allowing trains from Stirling to meet the line at Alexandria and run in the Dalreoch direction, but was laid in facing north to Balloch Central.

Leaving the junction the branch was initially double track reducing to a single line a little to the south. There was a short siding off the branch^s northbound line which was parallel to the Dalreoch route.

The signal box was replaced in 1902.

After closure of the branch line to passengers from Stirling in 1934 the route was retained for goods. As a through route it was severed east of Buchlyvie in 1949. In 1950 it was closed between Drymen and Gartness Junction. This was cut back to Jamestown in 1959.

The signal box closed in 1960, signalling taken over by the new signal box at Balloch Central.

The branch was further cut back to Croftengea Siding in 1964. Final closure came in 1965.

The main line was singled in 1973, the northbound main line being lifted.

The formation of the junction is no longer obvious, the trackbed being very overgrown.




Forth and Clyde Junction


The Vanished Railways of Old Western Dunbartonshire (Britains Railways/Old Photos)

The Vanished Railways of Old Western Dunbartonshire (Britains Railways/Old Photos)