Croftengea Signal Box

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Croftengea Signal Box (-1973)

Opened on the Caledonian and Dumbartonshire Junction Railway.


This signal box was between Forth and Clyde Junction [Balloch], Balloch, (to the north) and Alexandria station to the south.

The box was on the west side of the line.

Curving off to South West, from a trailing connection to the northbound line, was a branch to the Gas Works (Vale of Leven Gas Co).

On the east side was a loop from the southbound line. This had a headshunt to the north and from its south end skdings curved east to [[Alexandria Works (Printing and dyeing) and, further north, the Levenfield Works which were also served from Croftengea Siding from the F&C.

The Argyll Motor Works opened in 1906. This was served by a looped headshunt which made a trailing connection to the northbound line, north of the signal box. (It is possible the box may have been resited or replaced for this.) From the south end of the looped headshunt sidings ran north, north west, west and south west into the works.

The works became a munitions factory in the Second World War. After a period of disuse it became Royal Navy Torpedo Factory [Alexandria] in 1937. New buildings were erected closer to the railway and the sidings altered. Only the looped headshunt was retained with a a covered loading dock. It remained in this use until 1969. Finally it was used by Plessey between 1971 and 1972.

The box closed 1973 when line singled, the northbound line being lifted.