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Dawsholm Gas Works (1872-1964)

Served by the Glasgow Central Railway.


This gas works was enclosed between the Forth and Clyde Canal, to the south, Stobcross Railway, to the west, and the River Kelvin, to the east. Also known as Gas Works No 2, Glasgow Corporation.

The works was served by sidings from the Stobcross Railway which led to exchange sidings used by reversal, a connection to the Glasgow Central Railway over the River Kelvin and under the canal, and by a rail served quayside on the canal (this crossed Skaethorn Road by a plate girder bridge). There was a single road locomotive shed by the Stobcross Railway.

A tunnel connected the works to the Temple Gas Works. This passed under the canal. (Dawsholm-Temple Gas Works Tunnel)

The southern part of the works was abandoned first and a large travelling gantry crane erected at the west end of the northern building.

Most of the site is now housing. The boundary walls of the site and some office buildings remained intact until the late 1980s.

The site of the exchange sidings alongside the Stobcross Railway is now part of the Kelvindale station site.


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  /  /1872Stobcross Railway
Dawsholm Gas Works opened alongside the Stobcross Railway which is under construction.
  /  /1891Glasgow Corporation
Buy Temple Gasworks and link them to Dawsholm Gas Works with a tunnel and the Forth and Clyde Canal.
01/09/1896Glasgow Central Railway
Line from Kelvindale Paperworks to Dawsholm Gas Works siding opened.