Dundee West MPD

Location type

Loco shed

Names and dates

Dundee West Shed (1885-1958)
Dundee West MPD (1960-1980)

Opened on the Dundee and Perth Railway.


This shed replaced Seabraes Shed in 1885. It was built at the far west of the Dundee West Goods yard.

Under British Railways it became a sub shed of Dundee Tay Bridge Shed.

It closed in 1958 and reopened as a diesel shed in 1960.

After closure of Dundee Tay Bridge Shed in 1967 it became the main Dundee shed, a diesel shed, due to the cramped facilities at Tay Bridge.

Closure came in the 1980s and the site has since been cleared.




  /08/1861Alyth Railway
Brick single road shed opened at Alyth, Alyth Shed. (Later a sub shed of Dundee West Shed.) A 40ft turntable was later added.
  /  /1885Dundee and Perth Railway
Dundee West Shed opened replacing Seabraes Shed and works. The new shed was west of Dundee West Mineral Yard, further west than the older shed. Approach was from a reversing spur to the east of the shed.
  /01/1942Blairgowrie Branch (Scottish Midland Junction Railway)
Blairgowrie Shed closed, but not demolished. A sub-shed of Dundee West Shed.


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